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Want to Achieve A Calm, Short, Beautiful Natural Birth With Much Less Pain For Yourself?
Introducing Rapid Birth Transformation, an innovative, comprehensive online programme combining hypnobirthing, active birth, NLP, yoga, gently and effectively prepare mind and body for a beautiful birth, and more physical, mental and spiritual satisfaction, in as short as 21 days or less.
Naturally release birthing pain by ~50%+.
Rebuild birth beliefs.
Improve physical endurance for labour.
Lower chance of a c-section by ~25%+.
Improve birth experience by ~80%+
Easier breastfeeding. Faster postnatal recovery.
Total Value £1,701 (AED7,758)
One Day Virtual Workshop + Online Programme Special Bundle 
£187 (AED857)
Buy Either Separately £97 (AED445)
Be The Leader Of Your Own Birth.

Real-Life Birth Transformation Stories & Inspiration From Moms & Dads!
Helen H.
"I used to be fearful about birth. I thought it's hard, it's difficult, I can't do this. This programme really helped me and I felt calm and confident that my birth will be beautiful. Followed that I had a beautiful birth for my first, 7 hours long. The course is amazing. Every pregnant mother needs to take it!"
Sue L.
"I had complications with my heart and I had enlarged veins right outside of the birth canal. Doctor suggested a monitored birth. I was so happy that I took this programme. After taking the course and a one-on-one consultation with Grace, I was convinced that a natural birth was a better choice for me. And I did it! 3 hours, fully in control. Grace absolutely inspired me and completely changed my birth experience. Grace - I owe you so much thanks!"
Andrei V.
"As a father I felt extremely empowered taking the course. Grace teaches everything you ever need to know about birth as a birth partner and the exact things you need to do to support your wife when she's in labour. If you want the BEST for your spouse and your baby, taking this course is a MUST!"

A Transformational Programme Jam Packed With Value, With The Ability To Re-write Your Whole Belief System & Your Birth Preparation Plan (And Yes, You Get Life-Time Access!)

What's In The Offer

Secrets Of A Zen Birth (£77 value)

Birth Mindset Makeover (£97 value)

Birth Pro Body Ritual (£97 value)

Love & Support System (£77value)

Divine Moment Mastery (£77 value)

Bonus: Succeed In All Scenarios (Induction, Cesarean, VBAC) (£97 value) 

Ultimate Guide For Releasing Pain Naturally (£97 value)
Birth Manifestation Bible (£97 value)
Ultimate Guide For Body Nurturing Routine (£97 value)
(Delivered in the form of self-service online training videos and workbooks)
Private Facebook Love & Support Group (£197 value)
Birth Manifestation Guided Meditation "My Birth Will Be Beautiful"

"Breathing & Moment Of Birth Visualisation" Guided Meditation

Deep Relaxation & Belief Changing Guided Meditation

Entire Series Of Yoga Based Birthing Exercises

Entire Library Of Birthing Support Exercises & Tools For Birth Partners
30 Min Private Coaching With Grace (£97 value)

Breastfeeding Masterclass (£79 value) 
Total Value £1,701 (AED7,758)
One Day Virtual Workshop + Online Programme Special Bundle
£187 (AED857)
Buy Either Separately £97 (AED445)

What Our Students Say - Transformation Within Weeks Of Joining RBT

What We'll Cover In the One-Day Virtual Workshop (Birth Partner Invited)

  • Both hypnobirthing & active birth and how to use them to prepare a beautiful birth
  • Natural, physiological process of birth
  • ​Preparation of mind, body, and birth partner
  • ​How to minimise disruption (use of drugs, choice of birth place, how to navigate the hospital system, how to effectively work with doctors and midwives, etc.)
  • ​How to make the right birth decision in challenging situations
  • Hands-On Practice: Various tools, exercises, techniques to help birthing mother stay calm and relaxed, naturally release pain  in labour, make labour quick and smooth, minimise intervention and use of drugs

Amazing Feedback, Amazing Results

Deep-Dive Of The Online Programme: 
Online Component #1: 6 A-Z Modules Modules
  • Science Of A Zen Birth
First things first – you’ve got to the bottom of birth. All the techniques come later after you’ve really understood what makes a birth short, smooth, and less painful. That's why this section is so powerful and so many of my clients had breakthrough in this section alone
  • Birth Mindset Makeover
This is where you’ll build your powerful, resilient mind from the ground up. You’ll be doing specific exercises to transform your beliefs. You’ll feel like a new person, full of confidence, conviction, and positivity.
  • Birth Pro Body Ritual
Choose from a variety of activities to form your own body ritual. Your body flourishes, and builds the memory of how to give birth. And it will work on autopilot when the birth comes and achieve best results!
  • Love & Support System
Here’s where we involve your birth partner! We’ll train him /her so that your birth partner is so well prepared that he/she can do the job of a doula
  • Divine Moment Mastery
This is when the magic happens. I cover everything including what to do in the last few days or weeks, what if baby doesn’t come before the due date, and in labour, what to do at each stage, tactics to reduce pain naturally, and to bring a disturbed labour back on track, etc. You learn it, and you nail it.
  • Succeed In All Scenarios
Induction, c-section, VBAC? We've got you all covered! I deep dive into all these scenarios, and with practical tips, advices so that you can massively improve the confidence, and have a calm, positive experience even in challenging situations.
4X Powerful Bonuses: Step-BY-Step Templates, Workbooks To Turn Your Desire Into Reality. Timely Support Directly From Grace So Nothing Is Stopping You From Achieving Your Best!
  • Birth Manifestation Bible
Birth manifestation can be individual, creative, and also extremely simple and practical. In this bonus we give you the principles, the exact steps, and over 20 ways to manifest your beautiful birth. All you need to do is to follow the bible and take massive action! And you'll soon notice the change! 
  • Step-By-Step Journaling Guide
Steal Grace's step-by-step journaling guide so you can journal effectively, by spending 5-10 minutes a day, overcome mindset challenges and become confident, happy, and content, naturally and genuinely long for the beautiful birth you were born to have!
  • Ultimate Guide For Releasing Pain Naturally
An action plan to make yourself a birth pro. So giving birth becomes your instinct. Your body becomes more resilient, better at handling the birth sensation, and potentially experiencing joy and hope, or even an orgasm at birth! 
  • Private Facebook Love & Support Group 
Got a question? Ask me there. I’ll personally support you throughout your pregnancy and birth so you never feel stuck again.
Online Component #2 : ENTIRE Rapid Birth Transformation Toolbox


Calm Birth Hypnobirthing Guided Meditation 

What's Included...
  • Self acceptance and birth mindset re-coding guided meditation
  • Breathing practice and deep relaxation guided meditation 
  • Moment of birth - positive affirmation and visualisation guided meditation
What're the benefits...
  • Eradicate old beliefs holding you back, rebuild positive beliefs that will allow you to unleash your power from within and achieve peak performance at birth
  • Increase the chance of a natural labour, improve birthing experience, reduce distraction and the need for intervention
  • Bring you into deep relaxation state, trigger immediate deep relaxation in labour, help you stay in the ideal calm, zen birth state, bring a disturbed labour back on track


Yoga-Based Birthing Exercise

What's Included...
  • Full series of yoga-based birthing exercise
  • The EXACT exercise Grace created and practised to achieve her calm, smooth, and almost painfree birth!  
What're the benefits...
  • Deep body conditioning, gently and effectively relax the body
  • Increase body endurance and flexibility
  • ​Improve mind-body connection - connect mind, body and soul, calm the mind and the body, gently awaken the natural power of birth sitting within
  • P​repare body for labour - train the body to remember and naturally adapt to the optimal birthing positions, open up the pelvis to allow easier and quicker delivery


Birthing Support Exercise & Techniques For Birth Partners

What's Included...
  • Birthing support exercises and techniques for birth partners containing Rebozo sifting, massage, and relaxation techniques 
What're the benefits...
  • Help birthing mother stay calm, relaxed and centred before and during labour
  • Stimulate nerve endings, stimulate the flow of the birthing hormonesmake labour progress more smoothly
  • ​Naturally and powerfully reduce birthing pain
  • Help the mother stay in optimal birthing positions and help the baby descent, making labour faster, easier
Fast Action Bonuses (5 Slots Only)
Fast Action Bonus 1: 30 Min 1-On-1 Private Coaching Session With Grace
  • 1:1 coaching to help you overcome your biggest challenges
  • ​Co-create your personalised birth preparation routine
  • ​Substantially expedite your learning
  • ​Any help you need from Grace!
Fast Action Bonus 2: Breastfeeding Masterclass
  • How to quickly establish breastfeeding within the first few days
  • Best practices and tips for joyful breastfeeding
  • ​How to establish an easy, smooth breastfeeding routine
Ready? Let's go.
Total Value £1,701 (AED7,758)
One Day Virtual Workshop + Online Programme Special Bundle
£187 (AED857)
Buy Either Separately £97 (AED445)
The Programme Works For You, No Matter If You Are Having A Straight-Forward Pregnancy Or Not, Or Where Your Current Mind And Body States Are.

Question 01.

Will this work for me?
Listen. Every mum is perceiving birth differently and there’s a saying that “no two births are the same”. But, the truth is that for every birth that’s different on the surface, fundamentally they follow similar patterns. It’s mastering the “pattern” of birth that’s really important. Once you understand the fundamentals, you understand exactly what you need to do to prepare your birth, what you need to do to reduce pain, and what to do when things become a little challenging. Knowledge is power. It enables you to make the best decision along each minute of your entire birth experience.

Question 02.

I have had a c-section before. Can I take this course?
Absolutely. Research has shown that the risks of having a natural birth after c-section is very low (i.e., one out of a thousand cases), and it’s even BETTER for mums who’ve had a c-section before to go natural for their second time. Yet preparation becomes even more crucial now because you definitely want to get things right this time and minimise the change for another c-section. This course can give you all the preparation you need, to equip, empower, and transform you within the shortest period of time.

Question 03.

How much time do I commit each day?
Each day will be different! But on a rule of thumb – anywhere between 10 to 20 minutes is a decent amount of time to commit. The beauty of this programme is that I teach you how to develop a personalised birth preparation routine, and embed that into your day-to-day life, so that a lot of things you could do on the go, without spending much “extra” time. You may be already doing bits and pieces of activities to prepare for birth, and this programme will “uplift” your game plan, so you get an “ahha” moment and understand deeply and clearly how every pieces of the puzzle comes together. It’s fun and intuitive. So the most important part – show up, take the training, do the exercises I asked you to, and you’ll be loving your new routine because you feel better about yourself, day after day.

Question 04.

How is this programme different from others?
Oh gosh, it’s different in so many ways! The foundations and the exercises have been strategically created and ordered to build on one another in a way that makes your mind and body work as a system. For example, you can’t jump into positive affirmations or guided meditation without understanding fundamentally how the brain works and how it DIRECTS your birth experience! Similarly, you can’t jump into birth yoga or whatever physical exercises without understanding how the body works during birth, and why and how some bodies can work more efficiently and effective during birth than the others. 

Comparing to any antenatal classes or hypnobirthing courses, this course is also very different. It doesn’t only gives you the knowledge of birth, more importantly, it teaches you the science behind a natural, shorter, and less painful birth, with the aim to help you achieve just that! It’s so much more than just a hypnobirthing course. A normal hypnobirthing course mainly focuses on the mind and rarely talks about the body (except simply telling you that staying upright is good for birth), but this course teaches you so much more. It trains both your body and your mind, so that they work efficiently and effectively with each other. I also combine the approaches of hypnobirthing with active birth, and plus pregnancy fitness, hypnosis, and NLP. So it’s really a comprehensive, profound course that makes rapid change possible.

Lastly, comparing to an in-person course, this course is so much more “user-friendly”. You can study the whole course at your own pace, revisit any parts of the course anytime you need to, and follow the step-by-step instruction to prepare your birth every single day. Any questions you have, you can ask me directly inside the private Facebook group, and I will answer the question timely so that there’s nothing blocking your way. I honestly because online learning is the most efficient and effective form of learning, and it can lead to great results very quickly. All you need to have is the commitment to go through the course, and take action!

Question 05.

I’m a first time pregnant mother and I don’t know anything about giving birth. Will this course help me?
Absolutely and I am glad that you’ve found this course. I honestly believe that this course will transform your understanding about birth and your belief about the kind of beautiful birth you can achieve, within as short as 21 days! You’ll become a pro after this 21 days of learning because you are learning from a pro! The best thing to do to achieve great results is to copy someone who has done it and learn exactly how she did it step-by-step. And this course teaches you just that!

Question 06.

I am completely scared about giving birth. How will this course help me?
Congratulations you’ve found the right course that can solve your problem. I’ve cracked the code of how the brain works and I’ve developed a simple yet powerful way to re-write your birth beliefs in 21 days. I combine hypnobirthing, hypnosis, and NLP to train your brain, that your brain will create new neural pathways. Using this approach, we’ll eradicate the limiting beliefs about birth that are holding you back, and build new beliefs that make you unstoppable in achieving your absolute best. So give it a go, stick to this programme for 21 days, and you’ll be surprised to see the change that’s happening to you!

Question 07.

When is a good time for me to start this programme?
I’d suggest to start at least 21 days before your due date. If you can start earlier, that’s even better, because you’ll then use the remaining days to reinforce what you’ve learned and further train your mind and body so that everything becomes natural to you. Remember, our brains and bodies are like muscles. And if we want the muscles to work well, we need to train them.
However, if you’ve got less than 21 days left before your due date, and you want to do whatever you can to prepare your birth, I’d say go for it! It’s better to take action now than not doing anything. Even understanding the science behind a natural, short, less painful labour is empowering. So do what you can, do your best, so you leave no regret.

Question 08.

I still have questions. What should I do?
Simply email me at or DM me via Instagram (@ZenBirthExpert). I’ll personally respond to your questions.
Join Us Now, Give It A Shot, Trust The Process. Because My Birth Will Be Yours.
Total Value £1,701 (AED7,758)
One Day Virtual Workshop + Online Programme Special Bundle
£187 (AED857)
Buy Either Separately £97 (AED445)
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This programme is designed to provide helpful information on pregnancy and birth. It does not contain medical advice or an alternative to appropriate medical care, nor is it in any way a guarantee or promise of expected, imagined or actual outcome of labour or birth. It is not a substitute for the advice or the presence during birth or any part of pregnancy or labour of a qualified medical practitioner, midwife or obstetrician. Neither the publisher nor the participants accept responsibility for any liability or damage caused by or as a result of the information from this programme.

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